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鶴ヶ城 by GENuine1986 on Flickr.

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the city


the city

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DBSK - Bolero (MR Removed)

I didn’t know perfection until I heard DBSK sing. [x]

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I can’t do your fox-like acts even if I learned, it’s pathetic and pitiful.
It awakens my instincts.

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懐かしい: something that brings you sudden, joyous and fond memories without a longing for what has past, but with the appreciation that you were able to have these wondrous moments.

someday this will be us too

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EXO-L 140805

EXO-L 140805

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信じられなかった 信じたくなかったI couldn’t believe it; I didn’t want to believe it

信じられなかった 信じたくなかった
I couldn’t believe it; I didn’t want to believe it

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Minimalist Posters | JYJ - Just Us Album

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Suho through the MVs

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